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The day after the return to a meeting of a Donald Trump “in great shape” but ahead in the polls, Joe Biden arrived in Florida on Tuesday to speak to seniors, a vital group of voters in this key state who could decide victory. during the presidential election.

Three weeks before the presidential election on November 3, Joe Biden is in the “Sunshine State” carried by the polls, with a 10 point lead over his Republican rival according to the RealClearPolitics site. Older voters now mostly support him. A crucial asset since the over 65s had voted in majority for Donald trump in 2016.

Now, the Republican billionaire is strongly criticized for his management of the pandemic in the United States, which displays the heaviest toll in the world with more than 215,000 deaths.

His remarks calling for “dominating”, like him, the virus, may have gone wrong with seniors, particularly affected by the disease. It is therefore no coincidence that the Democrat decided to give a speech on “his vision for older Americans” in Pembroke Pines, north of Miami, in the early afternoon.

Donald Trump in Pennsylvania

For his part, Donald Trump had declared last week his support for seniors, “the people I prefer”, saying in a video message that he wanted to give them access to the same treatments as him against the Covid-19, “for free “.

The Republican president will travel to another key state he won in 2016, Pennsylvania, for a rally in the evening on Tuesday. In the same city of Johnstown, Joe Biden had, at the end of September, recalled his modest origins to hammer out his new line of attack against the billionaire: the election will mark a choice between the American working and middle classes, embodied by cities like Johnstown or Scranton, where he was born in Pennsylvania, “against Park Avenue”, the glitzy New York street symbol of the rich heir.

“Donald Trump must consolidate his popularity in the State of Pennsylvania”

At 21 days before the election, Donald Trump hopes to catch up by crisscrossing America, when already ten million voters have cast their early ballots. Displaying an undeniable form a week after his release from the hospital, he found the stands in Florida on Monday, in front of an enthusiastic crowd, where few wore a mask.

“I got it. Now they say I’m immune. I feel so powerful!” He said of the new coronavirus. He again joked about the ex-right arm of Barack Obama whom he nicknamed “Sleepy Joe” (“Sleeping Joe”), ensuring that he attracted “hardly anyone”.

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No big rally for Biden

Joe Biden has not organized a large rally since the pandemic, stressing the need to respect the instructions of the health authorities. The president and his supporters claim that he is in fact trying to save his strength, and openly accuse him of being in poor shape, even downright senile.

“Sleepy Joe Biden had a particularly bad day today,” Donald Trump tweeted Monday night. He was referring to two remarks.

In one, the Democrat seems to forget the name of Senator Mitt Romney, speaking of the “senator, who was a Mormon, he was governor”. And in the other, Joe Biden, senator for more than 35 years, declares that he presents himself “as a proud Democrat in the Senate”, before recovering.

“If I did just one of these things, I would be disqualified,” the president said indignantly on Twitter. “But with him, it’s just that he’s Sleepy Joe.”

Mitt Romney, ex-Republican candidate for the White House and usual critic of Donald Trump, had harsh words for the president on Tuesday, calling on the two candidates to tone down the “abominable, abusive and hate-filled slump” that is become the political debate.

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