Joe Biden tells Benjamin Netanyahu his “support for a ceasefire” in the Middle East


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Under pressure from the left wing of the Democratic Party, the US president on Monday expressed his “support for a ceasefire” between Israel and Hamas during a conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The american president Joe biden expressed Monday, May 17, in an exchange with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his “support” for a ceasefire in the face of escalating violence.

“The president has expressed his support for a ceasefire,” said the White House in a very cautiously tone report, at a time when many voices are raised in the Democratic camp for Joe Biden to explicitly demand an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip.

During this telephone conversation, he referred to the ongoing discussions with Egypt “and other partners” to achieve this, the text said.

Israeli bombardments on the Gaza Strip resumed on Monday, at the end of a black week that left 200 people dead in the Palestinian enclave, with no prospect of a truce between Israel and the Hamas movement, which continues to fire rockets.

“Discreet” but “intensive” approach

Asked during her daily press briefing on what some in the Democratic camp believe to be a lack of firmness vis-à-vis Israel, Jen Psaki, the spokeswoman for the White House, defended the “discreet” diplomatic approach but Washington’s “intensive” on this file.

The United States on Monday opposed, for the third time in a week, the adoption of a UN Security Council declaration calling for “an end to violence” between Israelis and Palestinians, pushing for the convocation Tuesday of a new emergency meeting behind closed doors.

If Joe Biden reaffirmed “the right of Israel to defend itself”, he also, during this exchange, “encouraged” the Hebrew state to “make all possible efforts to ensure the protection of innocent civilians”, further asserts the feedback.

For his part, the American chief of staff, General Mark Milley, warned Israel on Monday of the risks of the conflict with Hamas widening beyond Gaza, stressing that “no one has an interest in continuing the fighting” .

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