John McAfee will have to answer several charges before the American justice: concealment of income, tax evasion, forgery and use of forgery … the list goes on.
He should soon be extradited from Spain – where he was arrested – to the United States in order to answer questions asked by the American justice system and the SEC (the American financial market control body). The eccentric American businessman could be sentenced to 25 years in prison if found guilty of all charges against him.

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McAfee may have to write big checks and go to jail

The US Department of Justice is suing the former antivirus maker turned cryptocurrency evangelist for tax evasion and revenue concealment.
He has reportedly not paid taxes for the past eight years and publicly bragged about it on social media last June. He would also have used assumed names, the identity of other people and would have masked his income by making various investments so as not to pay his taxes (real estate, boats, etc.).

Since January 2019, he is – also – accused of having used cryptocurrencies ” to finance criminal acts against the United States governments ”. What oblige him to put his campaign for the American elections (candidate of the Libertarian Party) on hold for a moment.

Finally, the SEC also has it in the crosshairs. John McAfee would have promoted virtual currency (ICO, Initial Coin Offering) on ​​social networks, on a large scale, and would have been paid more than handsomely for it: 23 million dollars in BitCoin and Ether. And this, without declaring it beforehand during the investment advice that he then carried out. What constitutes a beautiful insider trading.

Sources: DOJ and DRY

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