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Have you ever wondered how professional NBA players jump so high and dunk so well? NBA stars are on a very strict jump workout that they do every day. The training is very simple and can be done by a basketball player of any skill level, whether you are a high school player who needs a few extra inches to dive or a college star who wants to win a competition. of dunk. Here are the key elements of NBA jump training.

1. Jump Squats! Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your hands behind your head. Bend your knees and squat down so that your legs are parallel to the floor. Now jump as high as possible, keeping your back straight and your hands behind your head. Instantly, when your feet hit the ground, repeat the whole process. Do about 20 jumps, 3 times or until you can’t take any more.

2. Stairs! It is simple and efficient. Simply start by going up the stairs and back down. Then go up the stairs, skipping a staircase with each step. Then go up the stairs with both feet. Ten Hop on 1 foot on the stairs. All of these exercises work your calves tremendously, which is a big part of the jump height. Do these workouts every day.

3. Sprints! Sprints are much more effective at improving jump height than long distance running. Sprints force your muscle to become much more explosive. Do at least 5 100-meter-long sprints each day. You’ll see your speed start to skyrocket and you’ll start jumping higher in no time.

Source by Ira Glasser

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