Kyrgyzstan deplores 13 dead in border clashes with Tajikistan


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Kyrgyzstan announced on Friday that at least 13 people had been killed in deadly clashes on the border with Tajikistan, the worst recent clashes between the two Central Asian countries. However, they reached “a mutual agreement to end the armed conflict”.

Khirgizstan reported, Friday, April 30, a death toll of 13 dead in his camp following border clashes with Tajikistan, during the worst recent clashes between these two Central Asian countries disputing large portions of territory.

Bishkek deplores 134 victims “including 13 dead” since military units from the two countries began exchanging fire on Thursday, the Kyrgyz health ministry said in a statement.

Two other injured were in serious condition, he said. The latest assessment reported three deaths the day before. Among the victims of Kyrgyzstan is a girl “born in 2008”, the same source said.

On Thursday afternoon, Kyrgyz diplomacy announced that the foreign ministers of the two parties had agreed to “a complete truce” from 8:00 p.m. (2:00 p.m. GMT) and the “return of troops to their previous places of deployment”.

On Friday morning, in a statement released by its state information service, Tajikistan complied, acknowledging that the two sides had reached “a mutual agreement to end the armed conflict, and withdraw personnel and equipment. military to places of permanent deployment “.

Near 11,500 people evacuated according to Kyrgyzstan

The clashes that erupted along the border between the two poor, mountainous countries were the most violent in years. Thursday’s clash between their two armies raised fears that it could degenerate into a larger conflict, as some 11,500 people were evacuated according to Kyrgyzstan following the clashes.

A police representative in the Kyrgyz region of Batken, bordering Tajikistan, told AFP by telephone that the shooting continued overnight “but not intensively”.

This source did not specify whether the exchange of fire had taken place between civilians or soldiers. He said residents of one village, Maksat, were evacuated overnight.

For its part, Tajikistan has only officially reported two people with gunshot wounds. But the Russian Ria-Novosti news agency, citing a source in the town hall of the border town of Isfara, reported at least three dead and 31 injured on the Tajik side.

Border disagreements between three countries sharing the fertile Fergana Valley – Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and uzbekistan – derive from demarcations made in Soviet times. The demarcation of the borders separated certain groups from their country of origin.

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