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In the end, the mystery did not last long. A few days ago, someone emptied a wallet of around 70,000 bitcoins, the equivalent of more than 800,000 euros, causing amazement in the bitcoin ecosystem. Behind this mysterious figure was hiding … the US Department of Justice, which had just seized this sum with the help of its owner, a hacker whom law enforcement called “Person X”.

This one, in fact, had succeeded in 2013 in hacking the illegal sales platform Silk Road, the first dark web drug store to steal over 70,000 bitcoins. Since then, this treasure has remained quietly in a wallet, arousing in the process much envy. For several years, the encrypted private key of this hoard had been sold under wraps to gogos who hoped to be able to break the encryption and win the jackpot.

On November 3, Individual X finally signed an agreement with the Department of Justice to remit this sum to the federal state. According to the Department of Justice, this is the largest bitcoin seizure on record.

Source: US Department of Justice

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