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Do you want to learn to play tennis faster?

Great, please keep reading.

The first question I have for you is this,

“How many shadow swings do you do a week now”.

If you can’t see the results on the pitch, you need to do more off the pitch.

Tennis is a motor sport.

It is a game of movement and FEEL.

So in practice and in your lessons, be sure to work on your shadows as much as you can.

The more the better, too, the first thing I do with all of my students is get them to start doing more shadow swings off the court.

You should also work on it before you work out.

Get extra reps at home, you can and should do these reps before sleeping, that way your subconscious will work on them while you sleep.

Try watching videos before practicing the swings, to get a clear picture of the swing in your mind, then stop the video and imagine yourself doing the swing.

Then start doing your shade swings.

Start slowly and increase the speed for the swing.

Don’t over tighten the racket either, as this will negate your feel for the shot.

“Most tennis players at all levels don’t do it enough and therefore their timing is inconsistent on their shots, doing swing swings will help you feel the shot better and then help you discover it.” .

Tennis is a game of thrills and the faster you can feel a certain stroke while doing shadow swings, the faster you will develop that stroke.

You need to spend 20 to 30 minutes a day, 2 to 4 times a week doing this tennis trick.

One more thing.

Always imagine yourself snapping the perfect shot when doing your shadow swings.

Because by doing this you will speed up the learning process for yourself.


Use a nice loop on your backswing for both sides, the rule is (you are only as good as your loop with your strokes), so be aware of this fact.

The secret to learning tennis faster is to swing more, try to do it as much as you can.

In 1 month, all your game should take off on you!

Talk to you guys soon !!

Source by Thomas Jay Daniels

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