Lego is developing a scale model of Porsche … which will be autonomous


The famous toy maker, Lego, regularly tests new ideas. The latest one is quite surprising: adding components and functions to its miniature replica of the Porsche 911 car to make it really … smart.
Thus, the car would benefit from Mindstorms technology with the following functions:

  • Fully autonomous driving.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Ultra-sonic sensor for detecting objects and measuring distance.
  • Lego smart hub with 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyro sensor.
  • Programmable LED headlights.

The Lego Smart Hub is already a reality because it will be available on October 15 in the Robot Inventor kit, sold for around 360 euros.

Lego launched a survey on its site to find out if customers would be interested in this autonomous car, but without indicating a price or an availability date.

The manufacturer specifies:

“Unfortunately, the Porsche Mindstorms is not on sale yet, but we are working hard to make it a reality in the near future. We would appreciate your honest opinion on this idea. “

In the meantime, a drawing of lots among the people who answered the survey will allow the winner to leave with the replica – not autonomous – of the Porsche 911.

Source : The Brick Fan

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