Lionel Messi V Cristiano Ronaldo – Who is the greatest?


Last night saw another El Classico epic where Lionel Messi and Cristano Ronaldo continued their ongoing battle for world supremacy. Barcelona and Real Madrid played a spectacular 2-2 draw with Ronaldo and his nemesis Messi scoring all goals. These two players take the art of footballing to whole new levels, but while it is undeniable that they are the most defining talents of their generation, and perhaps of all time, the permanent question is: ‘ ‘which of the two is better?’ While there is no definitive correct answer to this, the widely held opinion in recent years has been that Messi is the king and Ronaldo the very talented prince. However, the gap between the Argentinian and Portuguese magical adonis appears to be narrowing, with some feeling that Ronaldo now deserves the crown of ‘best player in the world’.

Although he often plays just behind the main striker, Messi appears to be able to score from anywhere and from anywhere. Last season, at just 24, he became Barcelona’s all-time top scorer. On top of that, he also broke the 39-year-old record that was set by my German super striker Gerd Muller for most goals in a single European season. Surprisingly, Ronaldo achieved a similar record to Messi and their overall ‘goals / games’ ratio since 2009 is almost identical. Despite starting his career as a winger, Ronaldo’s ‘eye for the goal’ has become evident under Alex Ferguson at Manchester United. His free kicks and solo goals prompted Real Madrid to break the transfer world record to bring the Old Trafford hero to the Bernabeu. Just as Messi can often be found collecting the ball in his own half of the pitch, Ronaldo often backs down in search of possession and also finds himself in wide positions tormenting opposing left and right-backs. Since no player is what is called a “goal poacher,” their records are even more incredible.

When it comes to the awards, both as a team and personally, Messi is the clear winner right now. He’s won the Ballon d’Or three years in a row (much to Ronaldo’s obvious dismay!), And his La Liga and Champions League silverware trumps that of Ronaldo.

In conclusion, it is evident that Lionel Messi and Cristano Ronaldo are head and shoulders above all other current players in world football and there is no sign of change anytime soon. Given their relatively young age, there is every chance that they will become the two greatest players in the history of the sport. For all the achievements of Pelé, Maradona, Eusebio, etc., there is already a case to be shown that Messi and Ronaldo have matched and surpassed them all. The fact that two of these players are present at the same time, playing in the same league and at about the same age makes the comparison a little easier, so there you go …

Lionel Messi is currently the ‘greatest footballer in the world’ with Cristano Ronaldo being extremely close. The fact that Lionel Messi has officially been awarded the title three years in a row with the Ballon d’Or adds weight to the argument. That, along with minor points such as his record for assists, the fact that he has always made more appearances than Ronaldo and his overall team play being slightly better only surpasses him for the Argentine genius on time. current. In Ronaldo’s defense, he’s the fastest / strongest physical specimen, has better head capacity, and doesn’t have a Xavi or Iniesta to connect with, but that doesn’t quite level him up – for the time being !!!

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