Google has thought of the deaf and hard of hearing for its new evolution of Live Transcribe. Initially dedicated to voice-to-text transcription, Live Transcribe is now equipped with a notification system dedicated to the deaf and hard of hearing called “Sound Notifications”. A feature developed for the nearly half a billion people (466 million, according to the World Health Organization) who suffer from these hearing ailments.

The new version of Live Transcribe can now launch visual or haptic alerts (vibrations from the phone or from a Wear OS watch) in order to warn a user when they perceive the cries of a baby, the barks of a dog or of the water being flowing. Thus playing the role of an auditory “guardian”.

In the event that the user has left their phone on a table and is not wearing a watch, the application remembers a timeline of the day’s alerts with minute precision. This allows the subject to see what has happened around him and, possibly, to adapt his behavior.

If you do not have Live Transcribe, which includes the Sound Notifications function, you can download it from the Google play. You just have to go to the accessibility options to activate it.

Sources : Google via The verge

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