Live View incorporates new benchmarks for better orientation in augmented reality


Google has just announced the arrival of several new features aimed at making it easier to use Live View, its augmented reality navigation system. Launched last year, the module integrated in Google Maps allows you to find your way using the camera of your smartphone. Placed in front of you, the device lets you view your surroundings by superimposing directional indications.

Live View has so far offered arrows, directional signs and distances to the next leg of your journey. Google decided to improve it by adding landmarks of important places near you to help you orient yourself better.

Since the functionality is primarily intended for pedestrian navigation, it is now also accessible from the public transport routes tab, which should make it easier for users who have to walk from one place to another for a connection.

To top it off, Google has decided to integrate the ability to use Live View into the location sharing options, both on Android and iOS. Thus, when you make an appointment with a loved one with whom you have shared your location, they can display Live View and tap directly on your avatar to locate you in augmented reality and obtain the direction to follow in the real world for you. rejoin.

Finally, Google says it has made improvements in Global Localization, the technology used for all Live View functions in Google Maps.
By leveraging machine learning and its knowledge of topography, the Mountain View company is now able to take into account the elevation of places to display a more precise location.

The arrival of all these new features should be phased in over the coming weeks on iOS and Android. As for the new benchmarks in Live View, Google says their deployment will begin soon and will be available in 25 major cities around the world, including Paris.

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