Amazon would use server infrastructure very similar to our gaming PCs to animate Luna, its future cloud gaming service. This should allow the service to grow rapidly. No need to bend the code all over the place or tailor it precisely to Amazon infrastructure for games to be compatible. Everything would have been thought out so that publishers and developers have as little work as possible to join the Luna adventure as soon as it is officially launched, next year in the United States.

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Luna, what are you hiding in your servers?

Amazon detailed to our colleagues of The Verge some ingredients of its magic sauce. The EC2 G4 servers, from AWS (Amazon Web Services), would have the Windows operating system (against Linux for Stadia).

Their large motherboards are mainly equipped with Intel processors (Xeon Cascade Lake up to 54 cores) and T4 graphics cards from Nvidia, each of which offers up to 8.1 TLFOPS of power (a little more than RTX 2070 Super). As a reminder, they have 3D chips modeled on those of the RTX series 20, that is to say Turing. A generation of high speed 3D textures and ray tracing (DXR is supported) could therefore be offered to users of the Amazon service. At least in 1080p, without any worries.

For 4K, which will only happen after the official launch of Luna according to Amazon, it will surely already be harder to offer both fluid rendering and streaming ray tracing with the T4s.

Luna must arrive in early access in the coming months in the United States and is currently not announced in France. If Stadia has great difficulty in convincing and expanding its catalog, it seems that the technical solution favored by Amazon offers it a clear advantage over its direct competitor, or even over Microsoft and the xCloud. But the catalog won’t do everything: stability and price will be a big part of Luna’s success.

Source: The Verge

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