Macron castigates those who would like to “return to the oil lamp”


Emmanuel Macron also takes part in the debate on 5G. Without a tie and in front of the French Tech ecosystem, the French president attacked opponents of 5G on Monday, September 14. It excludes any moratorium or postponement of the new mobile telephony standard in our country, in opposition to the elected left and environmentalists, who have signed a tribune in Sunday Newspaper this week-end.

The language elements are the same as those used by the Minister Delegate in charge of Foreign Trade and Attractiveness Franck Riester at the microphone of Europe 1. The idea that the French government wants to convey is that those who criticize 5G would necessarily be retrogrades, resistant to progress. Emmanuel Macron therefore did not hesitate to force the line to discredit them.

“I don’t believe in the Amish model”

“I hear many voices coming out to tell us that we should take up the complexity of contemporary issues with an oil lamp. I don’t believe in the Amish model ” , did he declare. “And I don’t believe the Amish model can solve the problems of contemporary ecology.” He even invoked the France of the Enlightenment to justify the launch of 5G. He promises a “Enlightened citizen debate” to twist the necks of misconceptions and remove doubts.

The president, on the other hand, ignored the other demands of the signatories of the platform who would particularly like to accelerate the deployment of fiber and 4G in rural areas.

Source: the Elysée site

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