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This is a novelty that few people expected, the iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max hide magnets on their backs. Apparently anecdotal, this addition could well cause a revolution among props. Thanks to “MagSafe”, it will soon be possible to intelligently expand the capabilities of your iPhone. We take stock of this novelty and the first accessories announced.

Twice the power of wireless charging

Technically, MagSafe is not really a new technology, it is mainly a marketing name bringing together all the accessories, especially the cases, which take advantage of the magnets of the new iPhones. However, MagSafe products are not just for aesthetic purposes. In the coming days, Apple plans to market MagSafe wireless chargers. These will take the form of an Apple Watch-style charging cradle and will magnetize to the back of the iPhone 12 at a very specific location. This will allow the Californian brand to boost the power of its recharge. The iPhone 12 can receive 15W against 7.5W with a traditional Qi charger. Little by little, Apple is making wireless charging a proprietary technology.

In addition to its charging base + MagSafe cable sold for 45 euros, Apple will market “later” the MagSafe Duo, a magnetic wireless charger capable of charging both an iPhone and an Apple Watch. Small feature, this accessory can be folded when not in use to easily hold a pocket. Its price is still unknown. Some Apple partners like Belkin have also announced the first MagSafe chargers.

Lots of accessories imaginable

Among the first accessories announced by Apple, there is a “leather MagSafe card holder” still marketed 65 euros. The latter, placed on the back of the iPhone 12, allows, for example, to always have your transport card, a credit card or other physical goods on hand without having to invest in a case. You can also clip this accessory to another Apple MagSafe shell, the latter now also housing their own magnets. Apple has also designed a cover that displays the time on your iPhone screen when a MagSafe charge is detected. Ultimately, we imagine that props will have a multitude of new and interesting ideas. We can’t wait to see an iPhone refrigerator holder!

With its iPhone 12, Apple is trying to renew the world of accessories. Will the MagSafe be used by all props? Are the other manufacturers also going to adopt magnets? The next few months should prove to be crucial for this technology. In the future, we can easily imagine an Apple completely abandoning the wired Lightning port for its magnets.

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