Winds blowing at over one hundred miles per hour causing storm surges of 25 feet, drowning innocent victims in the flooded waters. The earth shakes tremors over 7.0 in magnitude knocking down buildings and crushing those who sleep. A virus mutation using a sneak attack that spreads like the flu. The lava flows at 2000 degrees engulfing the villages. Yes, we have seen all of this for the past two months. And you thought the Old Testament or Greek mythology was bad? Let’s face it, we live on the surface of the planet where nothing is guaranteed. Our evolved soft shells fall short of the mighty Mother Nature. International terrorists are weaklings compared to her; Man is not up to Mother Nature.

In Peru and Pakistan, they have been hit by 7.5 magnitude earthquakes in the past two months. In Pakistan, the death toll started at 2,000 and quickly climbed to 5,000. Guatemala had volcanoes, which viciously victimized villages and sent homeless people to save their lives. The following week, they had earthquakes, possibly related which killed more. Then the remains of Hurricane Stan drown another 1,400 after 200 just across the border in the mountains of Mexico, causing the Matrons to make peace with their creator. Man is no match for Mother Nature

In the United States, we’ve had back-to-back Super Hurricanes, Cat 5; Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita, which we will never forget. Eliminate a great American city as we lost 2,500 soles, 550 jobs, $ 300 million, 105 oil rigs and our spirit of security, but that was the least of it, because we were only halfway of the 2005 hurricane season. Man falls short of Mother Nature.

Every time we rebuild, we build stronger, like an anthill knocked down by a child, to be rebuilt over and over again. Ants, like humans, start rebuilding right away as the child watches and wonders why, as they’ll just swing it with their foot as soon as they’re done. But they don’t care and are not discouraged, they continue to rebuild. They may not be up to the kid, but the ants persevere, that’s the way. Maybe humanity is a match for Mother Nature after all.

Source by Lance Winslow

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