After PSG, it’s OL’s turn to play their Champions League quarter-final. At 9 p.m., the Memphis Depay team will face Manchester City from Lisbon, where the final phase of Europe’s biggest competition, the “Final 8”, takes place.

Since 2018, RMC Sport has broadcast the Champions League. Only SFR subscribers receive the channel, which forces others to find alternative solutions to watch major European matches. reveals all the legal methods (friends of IPTV, you are not at the right place) to access RMC Sport tonight. Transparency requires, let us specify that belongs to the same group as RMC Sport. This article is written on our initiative.

25 euros for the whole competition

For 25 euros, you can get a month’s RMC Sport subscription that can be used on the device of your choice and can be canceled whenever you want (we therefore encourage you to keep it until the final before canceling). By subscribing tonight, you will be able to watch Manchester City – Olympique Lyonnais but also the two semi-finals of next week (Leipzig – PSG) And the one opposing the winner of tonight to Bayern Munich) And the final on August 23.

If you want watch the game on the big screen, here is the list of devices compatible with the RMC Sport application. On some, we can see the match in 4K.

If none of your devices are compatible, you can still use an iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet to watch the game on the small screen. With a Chromecast or an older generation Apple TV, it is also possible to send the image from your mobile to your television using Wi-Fi. You can also connect your smartphone to HDMI.

It is also possible to go through the site from your computer by possibly connecting your television by HDMI.

As a reminder, the first semi-final between Paris and Leipzig will be broadcast on Tuesday at 9 p.m. The next day will take place the second semi-final. By following our advice now, you will have easy access to these two events. The final will be broadcast for free on TF1 in addition to RMC Sport on August 23.

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