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Match preparation in Football Manager 2011 not only allows you to work on your pre-match setup, but it gives you the opportunity to train your team in tactical skills. This is not an obvious training module, but it should be seen as if it is part of the training system. Training only covers technical and physical attributes, while match preparation forms the tactical attributes of players.

In order to create a rewarding training routine through MP, you need to repeatedly work on the same tactical setup. If you are working on improving a formation, you will see the familiarity bar increase as the team becomes more comfortable with this system. That’s why it’s important not to drastically “ cut and change ” your tactics when they’re not working very well for you.

Aside from the training aspect of MP, you should note that the “Special Focus Areas” setting is excellent for exploiting the formation or configuration of the opposition. You should look to do your pre-game scout (more details below), then use this mod to have your team focus on a method of exploiting the weaknesses of the opposition. It’s important to remember that selecting an SFA will distract the team from other areas of their game, but if you get the SFA setup to properly exploit an opponent who is – for example – weak in the corners , you may find that the result is much more positive than just going for your own playstyle.

Remember that setting the MP workload will have an effect on the training workload, so try to find a balance for your team. It’s all about whether you want to work as a team as a unit or on players as individuals – then adjust the sliders to the levels you want. I would personally work in the team more than the players and then when the team is at a good level I would reduce the SFA workload and focus on improving individuals. Obviously, finding a balance is always vital, so don’t be extremely biased towards one area of ​​interest.

Let’s take a closer look at the special focus areas.

Team mix

This allows you to focus your players on a better understanding of how their teammates work with the ball. By using this SFA, you are able to create a team unit, rather than having 11 strangers playing alongside you.

Defensive positioning

This allows you to “drill” your team into the art of defense. The best teams are the hardest to exploit in defense, and by focusing on this area, you are able to reduce the risk of the player finding themselves in the wrong position when under pressure from behind and from him. give directions on how to function in defense. unity, rather than relying on defenders to do all the defensive work.

Attack positioning

This allows you to “play games” with the team. With this SFA, you are able to influence players to attack in numbers rather than attacking as individuals. This allows you to have players in better attacking positions when crosses enter the box or when counter attacks are executed. With this, you can make your team work “in tune” when they attack.

Defend set pieces

This allows you to train the team to be more proficient when defending turns or free kicks. Having a team that knows exactly what needs to be done and how the players around them will react when the ball hits them is something that you will really benefit from when they master this special intervention zone.

Attack the sets

This allows you to train the team to be more clinical during corner attacks or free kicks. Having a team that knows where players are going to run, or where the ball is going to be placed, can make all the difference when it comes to profiting from an offensive kick.

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