The saying is that marriage is made in heaven; this is so because in Hinduism it is believed that the marriage union is planned even before birth. A properly analyzed horoscope will ensure happy marriages.

What if I get married without having my horoscope analyzed? Wouldn’t I be happy? Or should this be considered only in arranged marriages? or is horoscope matching optional for love marriage?

All of these types of questions haunt the new generation. An understanding of what horoscopes can reveal will force men / women to opt for it.

1) It makes you aware of the compatibility between the couple:

Every individual on earth wishes to have a happy and successful married life. Marriage is a once in a lifetime event. It is the spiritual and emotional union of a couple believed to come from births or previous generations. It’s the choice of two people who decide to live the rest of their lives together.

A horoscope helps identify the planetary positions of individuals and how it could affect the other significant life. For this reason, we can analyze to what extent individuals will be happy and lead their married life successfully.

2) He immediately defines the success or failure of the alliance

Knowing what to expect with this wedding ring is a strong reason to match horoscopes. This will give the necessary boost to the developing relationship.

Astrology is all mathematical. Horoscope matching by date of birth, place of birth, star sign and name could give you an accurate result. Consideration of Ashtakoot or male-female pairing parameters describes the relationship compatibility quotient.

Horoscope matching is performed on 8 parameters, and each parameter has a numerical value which, when added, totals up to a maximum of 36 points. A total score of 18 points or more indicates a good game. The higher the score; the better the compatibility.

Family Adjustments: Additionally, the pairing of horoscopes reflects the type of bond the bride / groom is likely to share with the respective family members.

Financial stability:

The horoscope corresponding to marriage also anticipates the type of financial relationship that is built between the couple. Because in love or arranged marriages financial stability is very important, financial harmony, security and stability could help you make a wise decision.

Children: With the correct match of horoscopes, it can also be revealed how many children will be born into the family.

Source by Jeevan K Asthanna

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