The first set of components 5G created by Intel and MediaTek is there. Result of an announced collaboration at the end of last year, the small MediaTek T700 card should be established within certain references of the next generations of portable PCs.

Intel said, through Chris Walker (Vice President of the Laptop Division) that in addition to helping MediaTek design the card containing the 5G chip, it also had “ worked a lot on the integration, validation and development of optimizations to be made to the platforms [qui souhaitent embarquer le T700] “And that the founder had” helped all integrators and partners wishing to incorporate it into their next machines “. Machines expected for the first half of next year, according to Walker.

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What to do with competition to Qualcomm 5G solutions embedded in machines such as the Lenovo Flex 5G, the Dell Latitude 9510 2 in 1 or the HP Elite Dragonfly G2.

MediaTek and Intel surf 5G Sub-6GHz

Few technical details were given on the MediaTek T700 card. We know, for example, that it is based on the Helio M70 of the Taiwanese company and that it is ” very energy efficient “. MediaTek or Intel, however, refrain from announcing consumption figures. If the promise is kept, it will be a good thing to preserve the delicate battery life of our ultra-portable laptops.

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Another indication given by the two partners, the T700 is a component compatible with the so-called “Sub-6GHz” frequencies, that is to say whose bands (average) are between 3.4 and 3.8 GHz in Europe. and which also include the low frequency bands of 4G LTE.

Clear ? Better overall range but significantly lower speeds than other categories of communication bands. The component from MediaTek and Intel would work in both pure 5G (standalone) than with a 4G core network (not standalone).

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