Meet XDspy, a group of hackers that has been hitting the shadows for 9 years


ESET has just raised a hare: the security company has uncovered a group of hackers called XDspy which has the originality of having remained invisible for almost a decade.
Without being at the cutting edge of technology or original in their methods (infected emails, etc.), XDspy hackers were able to conduct various operations for nine years in Eastern countries, including Belarus, Moldova, Serbia or even Ukraine. ESET specialists add that these are only known targets of its services …

Using their “XDDown” toolkit which integrates many modules (XDMonitor, XDUpload, etc.), the team of hackers could extract passwords from browsers, track down targets by triangulating Wi-Fi networks, scan machines, retrieve documents, etc.

According to ESET, given the tools, malware and institutions targeted including governments and their energy agencies, the XDspy group falls into the category of “Advanced Persistent Threat” or APT in the jargon. Groups of hackers who act under the direct command or in the service of governments and are employed in intelligence missions.

Source : ZDnet

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