After being beaten on sportsmanship by Porsche, Tesla could well bow on autonomy to Mercedes. The German manufacturer has just teased its next concept car, the EQXX, which aims to push the limits of batteries. With an estimated range of 1,200 km, Mercedes’s future vehicle would mark a considerable departure from current values. Indeed, the Model S in its Long Range version shows 610 km (WLTP) and although models such as the Xpeng G7 (706 km) and the Lucid Air (832 km) claim to exceed the benchmark in this area, the ambitions displayed by Mercedes are still a step above.

Only the future Tesla roadster and its announced 1000 km of autonomy seem able to stand up to the German, but the two future models will certainly not box in the same category. Indeed, according to images released by Mercedes, the EQXX will be a much longer (and therefore heavier) vehicle.

More than 1200 km on a single charge

For the rest, the star brand has given little information about this concept car, except that it will be equipped with a ” spectacular efficiency and autonomy “. Mercedes claims it would be able to run from Stuttgart to Nice (815 km), New York to Detroit (990 km) and even Beijing to Shanghai (1,214 km) in a single charge.

In all likelihood, this EQXX should not end up as a production vehicle as is. It will undoubtedly be more of a technological showcase, but the manufacturer does not exclude that some of the innovations it will offer ” can quickly integrate production cars “. Finally, there is no doubt that if the manufacturer has developed such an efficient engine, it will benefit its future electric vehicles.

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