Ask Phil Spencer, big boss of Microsoft’s Xbox division, if the playstation 5 for the launch of the future Elder scrolls 6 and make the acquisition of ZeniMax Media profitable is possible: he will answer you: “ Yes “.

Asked by the specialized site Kotaku, Mr. Spencer explained that offering Bethesda / ZeniMax games on platforms other than his own (Xbox consoles, the PC and xCloud) was absolutely not necessary. Even to recover. It is recalled that Microsoft has spent 7.5 billion dollars to get hold of this huge publisher.

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However, the head of the Xbox division does not want to deprive players of licenses they love.

“This buyout was not concluded with the aim of depriving players and favoring others. There is nothing in the buyout documents that says “How to prevent other players from playing these games”. Quite the contrary. We want as many players as possible to have access to as many games as possible and not for a group of gamers to be privileged. “

However, Phil Spencer also explains why porting licenses to PS5 or even Switch is not vital for Microsoft today.

“But to answer your question more precisely, when I take into consideration all the platforms that we have [Editor’snote:[NDLR:[Editor’snote:[NDLR: at Microsoft], that is more than enough. I do not have the imperative need to ensure that my games are accessible on those of the competition for this buyout to be profitable. Understand who wants. “

It seems pretty clear that Microsoft does not want to sell ZeniMax Media exclusives to Sony or Nintendo. It’s also a safe bet that the two Japanese must prepare to bargain hard with the American to have the opportunity to offer versions of future games shaped by the studios of ZeniMax Media on their respective consoles.

Source: Kotaku

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