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TikTok may find its salvation with Microsoft. The publisher volunteered this weekend to buy out the app’s business in the United States. He officially announced yesterday in a press release that he had entered into negotiations. A move justified by President Donald Trump’s intention to ban Chinese application in the United States. Washington has accused him for many months of helping Beijing to spy on Americans by sharing data of its users.

Canada, Australia and New Zealand affected

Discussions are held with the ByteDance group, owner of the application. But also with the White House because this buyout will be subject to its approval. In particular, it requires security guarantees. US user data would be kept on site. The acquisition would not only concern the United States but also Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It is Satya Nadella himself who negotiates with President Trump. Other investors could join in.

The buyout could be completed before September 15. Microsoft’s proposals, however, did not dampen Donald Trump’s enthusiasm. Its foreign minister Mike Pompeo said the TikTok ban was more relevant than ever. It should intervene in the coming days.

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