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At an online event dedicated to the Xbox lineup, Microsoft was widely asked about the arrival of the Xbox All Access financing offer in France. The first brands to have agreed to participate in the adventure of purchasing consoles on credit are FNAC and Micromania.

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During discussions with Microsoft France spokespersons, we understood that the negotiations had been long and complicated with its two partners.

One of the representatives of the Xbox division revealed that it was the culmination of 10 months of sustained negotiations with the brands without forgetting weeks of canvassing credit organizations to present the project and have it validated by all.

Asked about the possibility of offering Xbox All Access in other brands, the director of the Xbox France division, Ina Gelbert, said discussions were underway. According to her, it is necessary to leave the choice to the players to be able to obtain his console as he wants, where he wants it and in the best possible conditions.

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She therefore explained that it was necessary to adapt the offer and the speech according to the interlocutors. “We don’t approach [NDLR : sur le plan commercial et stratégique] not a large distribution store like a specialist brand ” outbid one of the program managers in France.

We must therefore expect that other French brands will offer Xbox All Access in the coming months. This is not, however, likely to happen until consoles stocks are regularly replenished and all pre-orders that have been made in recent weeks have been honored …

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