Microsoft has just released a new experimental version (Build 202006) of Windows 10 Insider Dev Channel. This time the editor is focusing on acquisition techniques, starting with a redesign of the emoji selector. It will always be available through Win + shortcuts [;] or Win + [.], but it will benefit from a new design and be functionally richer. GIFs will be added to existing catalogs of emojis, kaomojis, and symbols. A search field will allow you to find the appropriate image or pictogram more quickly.

Microsoft also plans to improve its voice dictation function. Renamed “Voice Typing”, it will appear under a new design, will be able to automatically add the correct punctuation to the dictated text and will offer a series of voice commands to facilitate the use.

Finally, Microsoft is considering a facelift of its virtual touch keyboard, including new sounds and animations and the graphic integration of the two aforementioned new features, namely the emoji selector and voice dictation. Surface PC users should like it.

Remember that these new features are strictly experimental and will not necessarily appear in the final update of Windows 10.

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