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Microsoft is reportedly in the process of working on a major update to Windows 10. This refresh, codenamed Sun Valley, is expected to shake up Microsoft’s current OS interface.

The file explorer, the Start menu or even the notification center should see their interface modernized. The arrival of this new interface could correspond with the Cobalt update expected for fall 2021.

In internal documents that Windows Central has seen, Microsoft talks about reinvigorating the Windows 10 interface, including modernizing the Windows desktop. The Redmond firm would also rely on certain elements of Windows 10X, while adapting them for desktop use. In addition to the Start menu, file explorer and action center, Sun Valley could also make major changes to the taskbar. For Windows 10 tablet users, Microsoft is reportedly looking into new animations to provide a smoother user experience.

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Finally, Microsoft is reportedly planning to extend dark mode support to other interface elements of its operating system to provide a slightly more consistent visual experience when users use this display mode. The arrival of Sun Valley should not, however, destabilize users in their habits. It is rumored that Microsoft is planning for certain features to switch between the new interface and the old one in order to give users the choice.

Source: Windows Central

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