Microsoft officializes the Xbox Series S, a very small console sold for 299 euros


Microsoft hoped to keep the surprise until the end, it was finally overtaken by the leakers. The victim of numerous leaks on its future Xbox consoles, the company has decided to officialize the price of its cheapest console on Twitter. Less powerful than the Series X and, above all, much smaller, the Xbox Series S will be marketed this fall at a price of 299 euros (299 dollars in the United States). What makes it the best value for money of this new generation?

The smallest Xbox

Known until then as Lockhart, the Xbox Series S had still not been formalized despite many errors from Microsoft, such as the marketing of controllers on which were engraved the name of the console. Facing the PS5, the S Series will have for mission to introduce the Xbox universe to people who do not want to invest too much in a latest generation console. Its format, which makes it the smallest Xbox in history according to its creator, should also delight casual gamers. A tweet from leaker Walking Cat also compares Microsoft’s two new consoles in a video.

At 299 euros, the Xbox Series S is also the perfect console for those who want to try the very enticing service. Game Pass from Microsoft, which offers hundreds of games for a monthly or annual subscription. The absence of a disk drive on the S Series proves that Microsoft is only betting on the dematerialized with this console. According to rumors, in the United States, an offer of financing at a rate of 25 dollars per month, called Xbox All Access, would offer to pay for your console in 24 installments and benefit a subscription Game Pass Free.

In terms of performance, the Xbox Series S should use the same processor and the same SSD as the Series X… but its graphics performance would be less powerful (4 TFlops against 12). All Series X games should be compatible with the console although, on the console, it should not be possible to play in 4K. Microsoft will undoubtedly formalize all this later.

The Xbox Series X at $ 499?

On the other hand, Microsoft has not confirmed the rumors about the price of the Xbox Series X which would sell for $ 499 in the United States according to leakers who unveiled the S Series ahead of time last night. Microsoft would also offer a funding option at $ 35 per month.

Xbox Series S and X are rumored to be available on November 10. We now imagine that Microsoft will no longer delay in organizing a conference to formalize everything.

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