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Cortana continues to change course. Microsoft’s assistant will indeed disappear from the Android landscape but also iOS, as announced at the end of last year. The apps dedicated to it will be withdrawn from the stores next year.
Microsoft’s assistant will even desert the first Surface Headphones and the Harman / Kardon Invoke speaker (unavailable in France) from 2021 as well. This will make one less competitor for Apple’s Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri assistants which dominate the market.

Third-party apps and products first, then in-house solutions

In a document released by Microsoft, the Redmont giant details its roadmap for the future of Cortana. We learn that Cortana support on third-party devices, or by applications taking advantage of them (those developed for Windows included) will no longer be provided from September 7. However, Windows 10 Cortana app, it, freshly arrived with the last major update of the OS remains in service.

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At the beginning of next year, without giving more details, Microsoft will no longer ensure the development and therefore the update of the Android and iOS apps that allow communication with Cortana. It was during this same period that Microsoft plans to extract it from Headphones. These headphones can still be used to give orders to the assistant via the professional app ecosystem from Microsoft that embeds it, such as Outlook Mobile for example or Teams and the entire Office 365 suite.

Source: Microsoft (US)

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