Microsoft unveils the software interface of the future Xbox Series X


Once again, Microsoft is ahead of Sony. While PS5 fans are impatient, future owners of an Xbox Series X are discovering its software interface. In a video, the company unveils the design “More rounded” of its new console, in the continuity of the previous one (Microsoft had already announced that it did not intend to change everything from one generation to another). The new Xbox Experience is said to use 40% less RAM, making it much faster to switch between games.

50% faster home screen

According to Microsoft, the new Xbox Home screen loads 50% faster than its predecessor. The company claims to have listened to the comments of players, generally annoyed by the loading times of their console.

Another point on which Microsoft has improved, continuity with his smartphone or his computer. If recording a video capture on Xbox One could be frustrating (the delays were long and it was complicated to handle its recording), the new Xbox OS will automatically send the film to your smartphone where everything will be easier. It is from this device that you can post on social networks.

Microsoft having decided to play the card of backward compatibility to the end, the new Xbox interface will also be available on One consoles at the launch of the Series X (and S). An appreciable gesture… which could reduce the desire for change of some.

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