Microsoft updates its PowerToys and introduces a native color eyedropper for Windows


Microsoft is constantly improving its PowerToys, a toolkit designed to optimize Windows by adding new features. In the latest update, stamped 0.20.0, the Redmond firm is launching a new tool that should make people happy among graphic designers: a native color eyedropper.

Activated with a simple keyboard shortcut, it offers everyone the possibility of obtaining the HEX or RGB hexadecimal color code of the colors displayed on the computer screen.

The pipette at your fingertips

When activated in the dedicated PowerToys window, this color eyedropper integrates natively in Windows 10. To display it, simply use the keyboard shortcut Windows + Shift + C (customizable in the settings), hover over the color area with the mouse pointer, then click to copy the color code to the Windows clipboard. The user will then only have to paste it via Ctrl + V in its editing or illustration software.

Color selection can also be done more precisely on narrow areas, using the mouse wheel to zoom. If by default, the pipette copies the hexadecimal code, the user can modify the PowerToys settings to choose the RGB code if they prefer.

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