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Marketing of Xbox Series S and X will start in a few weeks and, already, the future projects of Microsoft are on the agenda.

In an interview with Stratechery, Phil Spencer (head of the Xbox division) mentioned, half-word, a likely release of TV adapters in 2021. They would serve as a connection interface to the game service in the cloud, xCloud, a bit like is Chromecast for Stadia.

I think you’ll see new accessories coming to our lineup very soon, with cloud play in your sights. One could evoke TV adapters for example, which one simply plugs into the station and which gives access to the service.

This small accessory could be marketed on its own or be part of a new Game Pass type offer. Is Microsoft preparing an “Xbox Game Pass Platinum”? Phil Spencer more or less unveiled it, again, half-heartedly.

You might even think we’ve already made plans to include some hardware that would allow you to stream xCloud on your TV, with a controller, after you’ve purchased a Game Pass membership.

Did the Redmond giant work on an “xCloud Game Pass” in which the player would receive a dedicated TV adapter and an Xbox controller by mail (or to collect from a partner store) after having taken out a certain subscription? Perhaps.

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Bright weather looms for xCloud in 2021

In 2016, Microsoft had already thought of releasing TV adapters giving access to certain games. He had quickly backed down. Now that the cloud infrastructure is operational and the xCloud is launched: there are no more limits.

The technical platforms of the service will evolve from next year to offer more power to subscribers and therefore allow even more Xbox One games optimized for the One X to turn without worry.

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The subscriber base should therefore evolve rapidly, especially if the service keeps its promises and goes beyond. Also, since xCloud will be available soon via a web browser on iOS, players could also succumb to the call of the cloud.

PCs and consoles will also benefit from it in a few months. Finally, Samsung – major partner of Microsoft for the launch of xCloud on mobile – It should not take long to announce the establishment of the service directly at the heart of some of its connected TVs. According to our sources, this announcement could be made by the end of the year.

Source: Stratechery (paying)

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