The Playstation 5 finally delivered his last secrets last night, during the video conference dedicated to him. We got the prices and availability dates for Sony’s next gen consoles. Then, the spokespersons of the Japanese firm sent us additional technical documentation to allow us to fill in some white boxes in the table below.

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In the past weeks, we have already widely compared Xbox Series X to PlayStation 5 but also the Xbox Series X and S. Also, to have an in-depth analysis of the characteristics of members of the same team or of the competitors present, refer to our articles!

Enter here Playstation 5 and the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, the weight and the dimensions differ slightly since the disc player is present in the first and not in the second. For the rest, the platform is the same. Promised.

PlayStation side, we have mentioned the presence of the PlayStation NOW (cloud gaming) and PlayStation Plus offers in the table below. The first does not change for the moment and continues to offer the possibility of playing PS3 and PS4 games on remote servers, from the console or a PC. The PlayStation Plus, it must evolve with the arrival of the PS5 and Sony has already given us an overview through the PlayStation Plus Collection offer. It would seem normal that access to multiplayer games as well as game donations will continue, but Sony may have other assets up its sleeve that it reserves for later.

Xbox Series side, Live Gold still seems to be in the game (but for how long?). As a reminder, it is the counterpart of PlayStation + in the Microsoft universe. The star is the Xbox Game Pass which, in its console version, does not include Gold (unlike the Ultimate version). It gives you a large selection of games, to download to your console. And, in the Ultimate version From the Game Pass, you can also access a set of PC games but also xCloud from an Android smartphone or tablet. If you add the price of Live Gold and a classic Xbox Game Pass, for the same period … Ultimate turns out to be more interesting.

Finally, where Microsoft will singularly stand out from Sony: it is in the fact of offering to acquire the console at once or in small bits.

Microsoft will indeed set up its All Access offer in France, in partnership with FNAC first, but also the specialist brand Micromania. The goal ? Allow you to get your hands on one of the two new consoles by paying a monthly lump sum, which you will have to pay for two years. This financing formula also entitles you to access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate during this same period, at no additional cost. A good deal, especially considering that the Game Pass Ultimate for 2 years already costs … 311.76 euros.

Update 09/19:
Added information about Microsoft offers

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