In a fully digital age and a digital transition accelerated by the democratization of teleworking, opting for high-performance, modern and fully dematerialized tools is one of the major challenges for companies, regardless of their size and sector. activity. There is no shortage of tools in the field of sales in general, but they are not always suitable for very small and medium-sized businesses, which need flexible, affordable and accessible software. This is exactly what Dynamics 365 Sales Professional, a customer relationship management solution connected to the Microsoft 365 environment, the handling of which is as intuitive and dynamic as the rest of the tools integrated into this platform dedicated to businesses.

Offered in parallel with well-known services widely used by VSEs, SMEs, but also freelance workers, namely Outlook, Teams or Excel, Sales Professional is in the form of a very complete dashboard, with functionalities varied. It offers both simple and intuitive management of relationships with customers and prospects, processing of commercial proposals, sales opportunities … the displays, particularly clear, allow you to always keep an eye on the results and projections of the company, in a single environment accessible online. Enough to revolutionize in the blink of an eye, and for the better, the CRM of your VSE / SME.

Saving time on a daily basis

All salespeople know it: filling out documents to create clear customer files and files is an extremely time-consuming process, although it is generally necessary. By using Sales Professional, employees of the same sales force can work together on the same sheets to share information about customers or prospects, but also the objectives to be achieved. Sales Pro, Outlook and Teams can be used together to create a powerful collaborative environment, allowing access to critical information in real time. Salespeople can immediately see which accounts to focus on, the steps to validate to advance their contracts, but also the projections and actual sales.

Sales Professional automates tasks that used to take a lot of time, and identifies immediate needs to optimize customer relations: the salesperson thus gains in productivity in the most important tasks, which obviously includes concrete contact with customers and prospects. Thanks to information that is always up to date, perfectly contextualized and prioritized, it is certainly easier to be efficient on a daily basis, and thus to increase sales.

Microsoft or the power of interconnectivity

Dynamics 365 Sales Professional uses all the know-how of Microsoft tools and technologies: Outlook saves time, with CRM updates directly in the software (prospect qualification, closing sales, etc.) and Teams focuses on videoconferences with advanced features, accessible from the company, on the move or from home, but also on instant conversations and the creation, modification and sharing of documents between employees. But that’s not all, as Sales Pro also integrates Power BI, a set of services that transforms data sets into visual information that is as interactive as it is immersive. A proposition that helps make Microsoft’s online platform accessible and affordable for the entire business team.

Do you need to modulate the functionalities of the service, to hide functions that do not serve you or, on the contrary, to add more? Because very small businesses, SMEs and freelancers do not all have the same needs, it is possible to customize the interface of Sales Professional without having to touch a line of code, always through an accessible interface. Enough to enable everyone to reach their sales objectives, and even exceed them, by always better meeting customer expectations. Partner solutions are also available, to adapt Sales Pro to all business sectors.

In short, by trusting Microsoft’s online tools and the publisher’s expertise in the interconnectivity of its various services, you can transform and favorably boost the management of customer relations within your company, and to make its sales force more efficient very quickly.

Test Dynamics 365 Sales Professional now

Want to get started with Dynamics 365 Sales Professional through a solution pre-configured by default, immediately accessible? Appointment on the Microsoft website to learn more and experience Sales Pro in real conditions.

And right now, get the first four months free for a one-year commitment to Dynamics 365 Sales Professional or Dynamics 365 Customer Service Professional. Contact your partner to find out all the terms of the offer.

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