It’s here second time in a few days that the Microsoft webmail service for professionals and individuals is experiencing stability problems. This Thursday, October 1, around 9:30 am French time, major slowdowns occurred on the web versions of the service and total interruptions were even observed by many users. Error page and unable to identify are the two most common symptoms. At present, the return to normal is still not on the agenda.

Consultation from mobile and Windows apps would, on the other hand, be quite stable and possible. Provided that you have previously registered your username and password.

Microsoft was quick to issue a statement in its Admin Center, specifying that a very large number of users could not connect to Outlook, to the accounts Exchange Online via the web version ofOutlook. It may also be that Teams, Skype and OneDrive are impacted to a lesser extent.

At first, MS believed that only users based in India had setbacks, but quickly recognized that the problems were widespread. Investigations are underway to determine where the problem is coming from and to – possibly – make additional fixes to those that were already put in place last week after email went down.

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