One of the greatest musicians to come out of the largely unknown Chicago music scene. Mike Kinsella has performed in many other groups leading up to his current project “Owen”. Mike has been playing in bands since he was twelve with his brother Tim Kinsella (Cap’n Jazz, American Football, The One Up Downstairs, Owls and Joan of Arc.). Mike Kinsella is best known for his stints in American Football and Owen groups. Owen is a solo project in which Mike recorded his own songs and played various instruments (drums, bass, keyboards.). One of Mike’s trademarks is his crooked sweet voice with bitter lyrics in some cases. His new album is largely inspired by his wife and daughter, including as they get older. Anyone who loves his music cannot fail to see Mike Kinsella live.

Like many bands he’s played in, most notably American football which was a cult favorite among fans of the late 90s indie / emo scene. His other work in Cap’n Jazz / Owls / Joan of Arc, garnered much of the same success. He is best known for his solo project Owen, which he tours across the United States performing in bars and various venues. And for the most part, his live performance is just Mike playing an acoustic guitar himself. It compliments his music in a great way, I think, because it feels like he’s in your living room playing just for you. That’s what makes seeing Mike Kinsella have a great experience.

Source by Tass Spangel

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