The little geniuses of MonsterLabo have just (almost) doubled their passive heat dissipation performance with the announcement of “The Beast”, a new PC case for silent freaks. Succeeding “The First”, a case that planes followed closely (of genesis at commercialization) which already passively dissipated 220W, here is The Beast (the beast) should allow no less than 400W (150W CPU, 250W GPU) to be evacuated without the slightest fan and therefore without noise. And as long as you install two ultra-quiet 140mm fans set at 500 rpm (almost inaudible), the animal would dissipate up to 520W (250W CPU, 320W GPU)!

These thermal envelopes are important with the arrival of the latest generation of GPUs from Nvidia, the RTX 3000. Indeed, the fanless configuration makes it possible to imagine a PC equipped with a RTX3070 (TDP 220W) 100% passive. And the 320W of the configuration with two silent fans reached, O happy coincidence, exactly the TDP (Thermal Design Power) of the news RTX3080 (320W).

Entirely designed and made between France and Belgium, MonsterLabo’s “works” are an ode to computer craftsmanship. And are intended for an informed public: you must not only know how to select the components (motherboard in Mini-ITX format, etc.) but also be attentive and patient during assembly. Because a MonsterLabo is no ordinary tower: its dissipation capabilities come from a unique design, where the entire structure is organized around a complex network of heat pipes and other radiators. The assembly must therefore be rigorous. To obtain, in the end, a racing beast that operates at 0 decibels.

The Beast will be on pre-order on the MonsterLabo website from October 09, 2020, but we do not yet know its launch price. The delivery of the pre-ordered models would take place during the first quarter of 2021 and stores should be supplied during the second quarter of the same year.

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