TheApple Watch Series 6 is it easily repairable? As with every major product release, iFixit set out to take it apart to find out. The connected watch obtains a repairability score of 6/10.

The construction of the screen is one of the main differences with the Series 5. In fact, it no longer carries the pressure sensor required for the Force Touch system. Instead, Apple integrated a larger Taptic Engine to provide feedback through vibration. This was already the case on the latest iPhone 11s; Little by little Apple is therefore abandoning the Force Touch on its devices.

A slightly thinner watch

While some users may find this to be bad news, this choice at least saves noticeably in smoothness (10.4mm versus 10.74mm) and ease of repair. Without a pressure system, the screen is indeed easier to remove.

The other difference with the Series 5 comes from the batteries. The 44mm model incorporates a 1.17 Wh battery, an increase of 3.5% from last year’s version. The 40mm model uses a 1.024 Wh battery, a more significant increase of 8.5%. This should compensate for the higher brightness of the screen when it is in standby, and even improve battery life thanks to the improved energy efficiency of the new SiP (System in Package) Apple S6.

Our tests currently underway in the 01net lab will confirm or not this hoped-for progression.

Source: iFixit

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