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He was one of the computer pioneers and helped develop the first mouse. William English died on July 26 at the age of 91, reports The New York Times. With his accomplice Douglas Englebart, they had made a demonstration of this new device in 1968. The presentation has since been nicknamed “Mother of All Demos”, as it laid the foundations of modern computing.

An idea that has come a long way

Englebart was considered the visionary. English, meanwhile, was shaping his ideas. Both worked at the Stanford Research Institute. During the 1968 demonstration, the first one was in front of the camera, while the second worked behind the scenes to make sure everything went well.

Some of their ideas were then taken up and improved, in particular by the engineers of Xerox Parc in the 70s. We know that it was a visit from Steve Jobs and Apple engineers in 1979 that gave them the idea. to use the concept of the mouse and the graphical interface for the design of the first Mac.

Source: New York Times

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