Need For Speed ​​Payback and Vampyr games are free this month


Every month, Sony offers free games to its customers who subscribe to the PlayStation Plus service. Here are the two games announced for the period October 6 to November 2:

Need For Speed ​​Payback: In this popular car racing game, you can choose to be Tyler (the driver), Mac (the artist) or Jess (the sidekick). You are faced with the underworld of Fortune Valley and you must bring down the Clan. For that, it will be necessary to compete in races, to succeed missions and to take up challenges.

Vampyr: Have you always dreamed of being a vampire? This is the case in this game which takes place at London in 1918. You are Dr. Jonathan Reid and you are looking for a cure for the plague which is decimating the population. But beware of the bloodsucker that lies dormant in you …

The PlayStation Plus service is billed at 8.99 euros per month or 24.99 euros every 3 months or 59.99 euros per year. It allows you to play online on PS4, download games every month and enjoy discounts. Finally, it offers 100 GB of cloud storage to save your games and resume them on any connected PS4 console.

A PlayStation Plus subscription plan is also planned for the future PS5 console.

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