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This week, the world vibrated to the rhythm of the United States. As Donald Trump multiplies provocative and deceptive social media posts, Apple has announced it will host a conference next Tuesday, its third this fall.

Apple still has something to show us

What could be better than a “One More Thing” to excite Apple fans? For its third back-to-school conference (iPad and Watch in September, iPhone in October), Apple has decided to use the famous expression used by Steve Jobs at the end of his conferences to reveal a surprise.
Of course, in the age of social networks and leaks, there is no longer much of a mystery. Next Tuesday, Apple should tell us about Mac. The company is expected to launch new MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros equipped with an in-house Apple Silicon processor based on an ARM architecture (this change was already confirmed in June at WWDC).
After switching to Intel in 2006, Apple is preparing for its next revolution by taking full control of its machines. Suffice to say that we are also very impatient. See you on Tuesday 10 November at 7 p.m. to find out more.

Netflix goes live TV

Netflix has decided to reserve a novelty for France. The number 1 in streaming has announced the deployment of “Direct”, its own linear television channel.
In testing with French users, the latter will broadcast programs on a fixed schedule, with a TV program announced in advance. So all users will watch the same thing at the same time, which goes against the very concept of Netflix.
With this experiment, the SVOD giant is no doubt trying to convince new users who are not used to choosing (such as retirees, for example). This is the first time that Netflix has tried live streaming, which may suggest that the company has other projects in mind (like sports?).

Trump accuses Biden on social media

In view of the political instability in the United States, allow us not to comment on the results of the presidential election. What interests us here is rather the moderation effort that social networks are trying to achieve in the face of an unleashed Donald Trump.
More than half of the tweets posted by the US president since election night have been censored, with Donald Trump posting lies. Same thing on Facebook where a new policy even had to be invented in extremis to limit the dissemination of false information by the president.
Mark Zuckerberg’s company has shut down a pro-Trump group created to discredit Joe Biden’s election victory.
Finally, at Twitter, we warn that in case of defeat, Donald Trump will become a normal user. The social network will not hesitate to close its account in January (the date of Biden’s likely inauguration) if the lies and calls for division do not stop.

Top start for 5G on November 18

Arcep has just clarified the 5G calendar in France. Bouygues Telecom, Free Mobile, Orange and SFR will be authorized to broadcast on the 3.5 GHz frequency band from November 18. The time to open orders is at the end of the month that users should pick up 5G for the first time in France, at least in the big cities.

TousAntiCovid generates certificates

More than 7.7 million French people have installed the TousAntiCovid application at least once. This figure is much higher than that of StopCovid, the previous version of the French contact tracking application.
However, it is not known how many of them actually activated the contact tracing software. To boost the downloads of TousAntiCovid, the government had an idea this week: to add a travel certificate generator to the application. This works very efficiently and doesn’t force you to enter your details every time.

The Xbox Series and PS5 are coming!

Next Tuesday, Microsoft will be the first to usher in the era of next gen. The Xbox Series X and S will be available in France while, at Sony, it will be necessary to wait until November 19 to receive its PS5. So this week there has been a lot of talk in the news about video games. The first tests of the Xbox and PS5 have appeared in the press and are more than satisfactory. looks forward to seeing you next Saturday for a new update on weekly news. No doubt we should be talking about Macs and next-gen consoles.

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