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Cinema lovers will once again be able to bitch against Netflix. The SVOD service has formalized the arrival of a feature that slows down or speeds up the content you watch. Currently only available on the Android version of the app, it offers the ability to slow down to x0.5 or x0.75 and speed up to x1.25 or x1.5.

Some adjustments to less degrade the content

Netflix had sparked the ire of several big names in Hollywood last October during the first tests of the functionality. Actor Aaron Paul and directors Judd Apatow and Brad Bird had publicly expressed their displeasure, arguing that distributors did not have to change the way their creations were presented.

In an attempt to calm people down, Netflix has introduced some new features. When content is slowed down or sped up, automatic audio pitch correction kicks in, preventing voices from being distorted. Users will also need to activate the feature every time they watch something new; it cannot be configured by default. Deployment begins on 1er August and will be completed in the coming weeks.

Source: The Verge

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