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The arrival of the SSD in the console world will have exactly the same consequences as when it arrived in the PC world. Faster, faster, even faster but … not a lot of space. At least for the moment. And given the specificity of the modules used in each of the Xbox series or Playstation 5, it is clear that these SSDs must be expensive to produce. In fact, Sony like Microsoft had to resign themselves not to increase the TB too much so as not to increase the price de facto.

So, to compensate for the lack of space for games and apps in the beautiful boxes of our consoles, we will have to turn to external storage solutions. That’s good, Microsoft offers an official one, expensive but fast, manufactured by Seagate. Sony, for its part, has not yet announced any official M.2 SSD model tailored for its beautiful white box.

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But, on Xbox as on PS5, you can still continue to use an external USB 3.0 hard drive, whether classic or SSD type. Depending on the capacities, however, be aware that formatting will lead, again, to loss of capacities.

When you connect an external hard drive to the Series, it can either store games (regardless of generation), or host captures (videos, images, etc.). But it can’t do both by default. The console offers to format it to accommodate one or the other content as soon as you have connected it to one of its USB sockets.

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At Sony, we are already less inclined to make your life easier. Integrating additional SSD will be impossible at launch. It will therefore be necessary to go through USB storage solutions.

  • For USB 2.0 keys / disks, you must first format them in exFAT on a computer.
  • For external USB 3.0 keys / disks / SSD (connected at the rear only), the console offers to do the compliance process for you (always exFAT).

But even going through external drives, you will not have all the latitude you want … You can only accommodate PS4 games, video or pictographic captures and … backups.

Because yes, we are in 2020 but despite this, if you do not have a valid PSN subscription, you still cannot host your backups in the cloud with Sony. If you want to transfer your parts from one console to another, it is with the good old method of the USB key or the external disk!

Microsoft has been offering cloud backup hosting free for several years to all Xbox users. And it’s a good way to save a little space, an item on its way to becoming so expensive.

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