New Israeli fire at Lebanon in retaliation for rocket fire


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The Israeli army announced on Wednesday that it had carried out artillery fire towards southern Lebanon after four rockets were launched from Lebanese territory towards the Hebrew state.

The Israeli army fired artillery again on Wednesday (May 19th) against “targets” in southern Lebanon in response to the launching of four rockets from Lebanese territory towards Israel.

The projectile fire from Lebanon, technically at war with its neighbor Israel, is the third series in less than a week, in the midst of conflict between the Israeli army and Palestinian armed groups in Gaza.

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“Four rockets were fired from Lebanon into Israeli territory. (…) In retaliation, our artillery aimed at targets in Lebanese territory,” the army said in a brief message to the press.

Army spokesman Avichay Adraee assured on Twitter that of the four rockets, one was intercepted by Israeli air defense, another landed in a vacant lot while the last two fell at sea.

No claim

In Beirut, a Lebanese military source said four rockets were fired from an area near the village of Seddiqine, in the Lebanese region of Tire, toward Israel. The shots were not immediately claimed.

On Monday evening, rockets were launched towards Israel but fell in Lebanese territory. In retaliation, the army responded with the artillery.

On May 13, three rockets were fired at Israel from vacant lots near a Palestinian refugee camp in southern Lebanon. They had fallen in the Mediterranean, according to the Israeli army. These shots had not been claimed either.

Sources close to Hezbollah have denied any involvement of this Lebanese armed movement, Israel’s sworn enemy, in the shootings.

Since May 10, Israel and the Islamist movement Hamas in power in the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian enclave under Israeli blockade, have been caught in a bloody cycle of violence. At least 219 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli strikes on Gaza. On the Israeli side, twelve people died after rocket fire in the direction of Israeli territory.

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