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Wanting to avoid a new abrasive face-to-face between the two candidates for the White House, the commission responsible for organizing the electoral debates in the United States announced on Wednesday the implementation of measures to ensure “a discussion more framed “.

The day after the chaotic exchange between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, the commission responsible for organizing the electoral debates in the United States announced, Wednesday, September 30, the implementation of measures to “maintain order” during the next televised duels.

“Last night’s debate made it clear that an additional structure had to be added to the format of future debates in order to ensure a more framed discussion,” the independent body said in a statement.

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35 days away from a high-tension American presidential election, Donald Trump and Joe Biden exchanged invective, taunts and personal attacks in front of millions of Americans, without the moderator of this duel being able to prevent them from regularly cutting themselves off. . To the point that some commentators have called for the cancellation of the next debates.

A “national shame”

The commission “intends to ensure that additional tools to maintain order will be in place for the next debates” scheduled for October 15 and 22, she said. Next week, the running mate of the two candidates, Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic Senator Kamala Harris will debate together in Salt Lake City.

Democratic White House candidate Joe Biden said Wednesday that his opponent’s behavior in the first debate was a “national disgrace”. “Maybe I shouldn’t say that but the way the President of the United States has behaved, I find it a national disgrace,” the former US Vice President said in a statement. campaign stop in Alliance, Ohio.

“Not only did he attack me and my family all the time, but he also attacked the moderator” of the debate, he mocked.

The Democratic candidate for the White House has returned to the countryside, traveling by train through Ohio and Pennsylvania, industrial lands where he himself has his roots.

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