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The former President of the Republic Nicolas Sarkozy was indicted for “criminal association” in the case of suspicion of Libyan financing, announced Friday the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office.

The former head of state Nicolas sarkozy was indicted on Monday, October 12, after four days of hearing, for “criminal association” in the investigation of suspicion of Libyan financing of his presidential campaign in 2007, confirmed, Friday, October 16, the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office to AFP, confirming information from Mediapart.

This new legal action, revealed by the online news site, is the fourth in this case for the former President of the Republic, who said he was the victim of a “conspiracy” after the indictments pronounced in March 2018 for “passive corruption”, “concealment of embezzlement of public funds” and “illegal campaign financing”.

Reacting on Facebook and Twitter, Nicolas Sarkozy considered his “flouted innocence”.

“The procedure is ongoing”

“Everyone can see that this is an unprecedented decision in line with the investigations carried out. The procedure is continuing its course”, for his part reacted Mr.e Vincent Brengarth, lawyer for the anti-corruption association Sherpa, which is a civil party in this case.

On January 31, the magistrates had indicted for “criminal association” one of the former collaborators of Nicolas Sarkozy, Thierry Gaubert, suspected of having touched funds from the Libyan regime of Gaddafi which could have fueled the campaign of the former head of state.

After his indictments in March 2018, Nicolas Sarkozy had also been placed under judicial supervision.

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