No, the free games of the future PlayStation Plus will not be offered to the first subscribers


The error is human says the adage and, concerning the case of PlayStation Plus Collection, it is verified. In recent hours, several media across the Globe have relayed erroneous information according to which the 18 games offered to the next subscribers of the PS + on PS5 would only be offered for a limited time.

We contacted Sony Interactive Entertainment France who, through one of their official spokespersons, assured us that this information was false and that the offer would apply to all players, with no time restriction.

And to be sure, we watched the part of the presentation that concerned the PS + Collection again. Nothing. We have used the Sony press releases, even the captions for the small asterisks in the text do not mention them.

In short, this is something to be reassured and subscribe to the next version of the PS + serenely, when the PlayStation 5 will be in your hands.

As a reminder, pre-orders for Sony’s next console have already started on the Web. Be warned, the deals evaporate faster than snow in the Sahara. You will probably have to wait until November 17 to hope to get your hands on a classic or Digital Edition model – sold respectively 499.99 and 399.99 euros – directly in store.

Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment France

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