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According to Reuters, the NSA recently changed its policy regarding the implementation of backdoors in US technology. This change follows two events, the revelations of Edward Snowden and the Juniper case, which incorporated a backdoor into its VPN products at the request of the NSA. Unfortunately, Juniper had to admit in 2015 that this backdoor was used by foreign government hackers to create their own backdoor. According to some experts, it was China.

US Senator Wyden has asked the NSA for further clarification of this policy change, but has received no response. He also called for the analysis report that was drawn up in the aftermath of the Juniper affair and which was to suggest areas for improvement. Sadly, the NSA can’t get their hands on it anymore. It’s too bad.

The technology that allegedly allowed China to take control of Juniper’s equipment is believed to be the Dual Elliptic Curve encryption algorithm, which was used to create a pseudo-random number generator. This same algorithm was implemented by US vendor RSA at the request of the NSA in exchange for a check for $ 10 million.

Source : Reuters

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