Nvidia pushes back its marketing to avoid shortages


Nvidia has just announced that the more affordable of the new RTX 30 series, the RTX 3070 is going to be delayed for a few days. The arrival of this graphics card is now scheduled for October 29 instead of 15, as it had been announced a few days later the presentation of the RTX 3090, 3080 and 3070.

Nvidia explains that this delay should allow it to produce more Founders Edition cards and to be able to deliver more chips to its partners to prevent the launch of this RTX from also being chaotic than the RTX 3080.

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Offered from 519 euros, this RTX 3070 should be as – or even more – powerful than the current RTX 2080 Ti which costs more than double that price and up to 60% faster than the first RTX 2070 of the name.

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Coincidence or coincidence, the new RTX 3070 release date is, in fact, the day before the AMD conference during which chip designer Radeon is expected to unveil its all-new batch of 3D chips, the RX 6000. Cards that are supposed to counter the RTX offensive.

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