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Currently being held Adobe MAX, a virtual conference around all the novelties of the ecosystem of Adobe put at the service of its users.
Nvidia took the opportunity to unveil the filter Smart Portrait based on the training of an AI specialized in portrait photo editing. Its goal ? Allow, dragging cursors in Photoshop 2021, to modify a face very quickly. From the orientation of the gaze to that of the face, through accelerated aging without forgetting the correction of skin imperfections, everything can be done in just a few clicks.

Thanks to this tool, spending hours retouching elements one after the other seems from another age. Playing keyboard shortcuts will always be a top-level sport for Photoshop artists, but artificial intelligence will help them save themselves a bit.

Nvidia Smart Portrait

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AI always more at the service of photo and video

This filter was developed from an AI, trained and shaped from development tools and of Nvidia computing resources. To take action, however, the Smart Portrait requires that your graphics card has Tensor Cores units (also used for DLSS in video games). As a reminder, only RTX cards (Pro or General public) have. You also need to use the drivers Nvidia Studio, the counterparts of Games Ready for creation.

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Nvidia also announces that new optimizations for the entire Adobe suite have been implemented in the Studio drivers, in particular for better full support for hardware decoding on Premiere Pro by the GPU. Premiere Elements, its more consumer version, is now fully compatible with hardware acceleration of certain effects or retouching procedures using Nvidia chips.

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