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Microsoft has kept its promise. The apps for its Office iPad office suite are in the process of being updated and should now support mice and trackpads on the iPad.

Word, Excel and PowerPoint users can therefore use an Apple mouse or keyboard, the Magic Keyboard, to navigate more easily using the control cursor.

Depending on the application used, it is now possible to select text in Word, select several cells in Excel, or even move and resize images in PowerPoint with much more fluidity, as we would do on desktop applications.

Microsoft took the opportunity to update the start screen of its applications as well as the famous ribbon in which the various editing tools are grouped. Now more modern and clearer thanks to the adoption of the graphic codes of Fluent UI that Microsoft has integrated into all of its office automation tools, these two elements should help users more easily find what they are looking for when they are looking for. are working on a document.

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